Behind Our Names

 Grit is having courage and determination despite difficulty, having bravery and strength of character. - Cambridge Dictionary


At Grit Mercantile we honor ancestors, family and friends who have displayed true grit in their lives.


I was ten years old when I received a hand-drawn family tree from my 93-year-old great-grandmother to aid my research for a school project. It included many new names and locations that ignited my curiosity.


Who were these people who came before me from far-off lands? What challenges did they face? It was this gift, along with my yearly visits to my great-grandmother and extended family, that stirred my interest in families, genealogy, and stories of resilience.


My great-grandmother, who lived to be 100 years old, taught me two important lessons about living a full life, which form the intrinsic values of Grit Mercantile:


Love People – See them, listen to them, and serve them.


Never Stop Learning – There is always something new to learn and way to improve. Life is full of opportunities to grow.


- Amanda



A few stories behind the names:


The Alexander Wallet is named in honor of Amanda’s grandfather who served as a tail gunner and mechanic in the Air Force during World War II and the Korean War. An anti-aircraft bullet once ripped the motor oil line of his Liberator airplane. Through grit, he carried on, earning the National Defense Service Medal, Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal, and the American Campaign Medal.

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The Lewis Long Wallet is named in honor of Garret's great-grandfather. While serving in the Army during WWI, Lewis suffered a mustard gas attack, which left him permanently disabled. Lewis found ways around his physical limitations, such as training his collie, Jack, to round up his cows from the woods. He chose to be content with what he was able to do and the simple things in life - spending time with family, friends, and neighbors. With this wallet, we honor his grit in the face of hardship.

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The Iris Clutch Wallet is named in honor of Garret's mother, who bravely fought a rare cancer and kept her faith and family strong up until the end. She spent decades working for one of Fort Worth's top defense attorneys and had a great love for genealogy. Before she passed away, Garret's mother gifted him with the culmination of her years of research, which tells of many generations displaying grit through life's challenges.

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